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Foundations Stockport pledge to be homeless friendly and invite other organisations to do the same

Posted 04 May 2021

For the most part it has remained business as usual for the Housing Options and Temporary Accommodation teams over the last year, with teams continuing to offer wraparound support for the customers.

Temporary Accommodation (TA) team at Foundations Stockport, which is part of Stockport Homes Group, have worked with a charity Homeless-Friendly over the last year sharing information to ensure that vulnerable people know how to access the support that is rightfully theirs. Homeless Friendly Pledge is another way to share good practice and work with partners to offer practical support to the homeless and tackle the roots of the problem. Also, over 120 hygiene kits, 60 sanitary products and 200 additional masks have been given to TA resident from Homeless-Friendly donations.

The new Homeless and Rough Sleeping Strategy for Stockport was published beginning of April. This 3-year strategy aims to build on the positive work undertaken by all partners during the crisis, expanding upon the relationships developed to tackle the many challenges that exist around homelessness. 

Temporary Accommodation team manage over 120 properties dispersed across Stockport. There has been an increased need for temporary accommodation during the Covid – the team have been working closely with NHS Hospital Discharge Planners, as well as continuing to manage the Greater Manchester Mayor’s A Bed for Every Night initiative, whilst the Rough Sleeper Outreach team have been supporting those who are living on the streets.

Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE, the founder of the Homeless-Friendly charity, said:

"By pledging to become Homeless-Friendly, Foundations Stockport as part of Stockport Homes Group are making a public promise to examine their policies and procedures and ensure that they cater for the needs of those experiencing the heartbreak of homelessness. Their staff clearly evidence how they cater for rough sleepers and those on the verge of becoming homeless. They will be part of a network of voluntary sector organisations, charities, businesses, and healthcare providers whom they can signpost service users to.

Best of all, Foundations Stockport is showing that society cares for those who are most vulnerable and is enabling them to take control of their lives. They are truly setting an example for others to follow."

Foundations Stockport is one of the first charitable organisations within housing sector in GM to make the Homeless Friendly Pledge and is now inviting other organisations to do the same.

Roger Phillips, Chair of the Foundation Stockport Board, said:

"We pride ourselves in ensuring that every person is treated as an individual and offer tailored support to enable them to start the journey out of homelessness. We are proud to make the Homeless Friendly Pledge, which is another way to show our support the people who are the most vulnerable. We are looking forward to the collaborative work with Homeless-Friendly."

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