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HQN ‘Housing’s Next Generation’ finalists

Posted 16 September 2021

Eleanor Edgar, Temporary Accommodation manager at Foundations Stockport has been named a finalist in HQN’s ‘Housing’s Next Generation’ competition.

The competition highlights the views of diverse young people within the housing sector, what makes them tick, and where they see gaps in the current system.

The competition began with 25 shortlisted and after the entrants submitted blogs on housing topics, 13 semi-finalists were chosen. The next stage of the competition was to do a presentation on one idea they believe would improve the sector. Eleanor presented her idea on Homelessness
is a public health emergency.

Following the presentations, the final 6 were chosen. The finalists will now be given development opportunities, including sessions on a wide range of skills, that the finalists can use to make positive changes within their organisations.

Roger Phillips, Chair of Foundations Stockport Board, said:

Congratulations to Eleanor to being named a finalist, your enthusiasm and passion for your job has carried you through this competition, you should be extremely proud of yourself, and the whole of the Foundations family congratulates you.






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