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Meet the Board

Charity Trustees-4.jpg

Fiona Kennedy

Board member

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Fiona Kennedy - Board member

Fiona is a Social Media Content Editor and the Chair of a Parent and Teachers Association, whilst also having experience of running her own business.  Fiona provides the Foundations Board with the perspective of a Stockport Homes customer, having been a resident for four years. Before joining the Foundations Board, Fiona was part of the Stockport Homes Customer Monitoring Group which provides customers’ views about Stockport Homes Group’s performance.

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David Nicholson

Board member

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David Nicholson - Board member

David yields a wealth of experience of working in the homelessness and probation sector taking up various roles including and up to Director level.  David has a substantial amount of non-executive experience for a wide range of charities, each aiming to support and empower communities in their own way. His work specialises in mutual ownership and co-production approaches to social business development in the criminal justice system. He has successfully established and managed social enterprises in the ‘Welfare to Work’ sector and cooperatives in the criminal justice sector and contributed to policy development in both. His background is in probation, community economic development and academic research.

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Roger Phillips

Board member

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Roger Phillips - Board member

Roger is the current Chair of Foundations Stockport and the former Chair of Stockport Homes providing him with an excellent insight into the culture, aims and objectives of the Stockport Homes Group. Roger has 27 years’ experience of working in the housing association sector, with various roles at both Director and Chief Executive level.  Roger has also previously been part of the National Federation of ALMO’s (NFA) Board helping to represent regional ALMO interests at national level.

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Alanna Vine

Board member

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Alanna Vine - Board member

Alanna is a Board member of Foundations Stockport and Stockport Homes. She has represented Bramhall North as a Councillor since 2011. Previously she worked as a Regional Director for the World Wildlife Fund for 10 years overseeing volunteer activities and raising public awareness for the charity. Alanna’s commitment to sustainability is a valuable addition she brings to the Board. She also served as a Magistrate on the Inner Manchester Bench for several years, sitting on both the Adult and Youth benches.

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Robin Burman

Board member

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Robin Burman - Board member

Robin is a Board member of Foundations Stockport and Stockport Homes. He has lived in Stockport for over 30 years.

He is a Consultant and Commercial Lawyer (previously Senior Partner) at HLF Berry Solicitors. Robin has experience of serving on the Boards of other Housing Associations including Regenda and Contour.

Robin is committed to improving customers’ quality of life and access to opportunity through providing excellent services, reducing inequality and investing in the neighbourhoods in which people live.



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Page last reviewed 14/01/2020
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