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Foundations Stockport Funding Officer can help local community groups access a range of funding from many different organisations.

For more information please get in touch on: or

How we can help:

  • Setting up your group – We can give you examples of constitutions, safeguarding policies and other important documents
  • Searching for funding – We can help you with detailed funding searches for the area you are interested in
  • Writing your first funding bid – We can give you lots of advice and examples of what a good funding application should look like
  • “Critical Friend” – We can help you by reading over and commenting on your funding bids before you submit them as a “Critical Friend”
  • Signposting you to other groups, potential partners and sources of advice and other resources

What this means:

Since April 2012 we have helped local groups make over 660 funding bids which have brought in over £3.6 million of grants into Stockport and also created a further £3.5 million of match funding

In 2020 to 21 so far up to October 2021 we have helped 40 groups make funding bids which have resulted in £460,000 of grants and £317,000 of match. With a success rate of 71%.

Before you bid:

You will need a few things in place before you can bid for funding:

  • A group of people with ideas on things they want to improve in their neighbourhood (funders tend to fund groups rather than individuals
  • A bank account in the name of the group with two signatories who cannot be related blood or common law
  • A constitution or other set of written rules of your group – this must include a “dissolution clause”
  • At least three people who will play the roles chair, treasurer and secretary

Some funds available locally:

If you met the requirements set out in “before you bid” above, you could have a look at the following funders. There are many more out there. Get in touch for more advice and help:

Foundations Stockport Community Fund

Forever Manchester CDL Fund

Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund

The One Stockport Local Fund

National Lottery Community Fund – Awards for All


Funding enquiry form

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Page last reviewed 23/11/2021